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Powered by science, backed by experts and personalized. We equip you with the tools and knowledge to get more Zzzz’s, turning you and your baby into a dream team.
Sleep guaranteed.

How It WorksA, B, Cs, to better Zzzz’s

We Analyze.
Combining your baby’s sleep patterns with proven science in real-time for the best sleep schedule
We Know-tify.
So you always know when it’s ‘just the right time’ for their next sleep (that’s another thing off your mind)
We Equip.
Telling you what you need to know, when you need to know it, so you stay one step ahead.
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You and your baby become a dream team!

  • matt
    What I love the most is that all of the coaching and tips are brought to you by an actual Dr and not just any Dr, a pediatrician! That alone gave me the confidence to give it a try.
    Matt W.
  • amy
    It has super useful features like nap/bedtime notifications and because you track sleep it automatically calculates your wake windows and everything for you – taking the guess work away.
    Amy T.
  • sarah
    Within a few days sleep was we’re 2 months in and it’s helping me drop from 4 to 3 naps. With sleep regressions coming up, I’m going to use this until she’s at least 2!
    Sarah W.

Our ExpertsMeet the Zzzz Team

Dr. Craig Canapari - Chief Pediatrician
Dr. Craig Canapari Chief Pediatrician

Father of two and a Pediatrician who specializes in the care of babies and children who are experiencing sleep issues. Director of the Pediatric Sleep Center and author of ‘It’s Never Too Late to Sleep Train’

"Smart Sleep Coach by Pampers™ excited me because it can help parents better understand their baby’s biological sleep patterns"

Mandy Treeby - Chief Baby Sleep Consultant
Mandy Treeby Chief Baby Sleep Consultant

Mom of two, co-founder of the Smart Sleep Coach and a Pediatric Sleep Consultant. In working with parents & babies around the world she wants to make quality baby sleep coaching available to all.

"I’m so excited to launch the Smart Sleep Coach by Pampers™ App, equipping parents with practical, effective tools and knowledge to set their baby up for sleep success!"

Kylee Money - Baby Sleep Consultant
Kylee Money Sleep Consultant

Mom of one (with a baby on the way) and a sought after parent coach who has been helping parents for over two decades with everything from sleep training to cognitive-behavioral change, and more.

"I love how Smart Sleep Coach by Pampers™ makes it easier for parents to see and understand their baby’s own unique rhythms, the first step to happy, healthy sleep habits."

Yael Shy - Mindfulness Consultant
Yael Shy Mindfulness Consultant

Mom of two and CEO of Mindfulness Consulting, where she supports parents with transformative, evidence-based mindset coaching so they can parent with more ease, resilience and joy.

"I love how Smart Sleep Coach by Pampers™ offers specific tools for you to find your inner strength, resilience, and rejuvenation as you coach and care for your baby."

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A Smart Sleep Program designed for your baby

Brought to you by qualified sleep experts & pediatricians, the Smart Sleep Coach by Pampers™ is a sleep expert, in your pocket!​
Daily Smart Sleep Coaching Schedule
Daily Smart
Sleep Schedule
Always know the 'perfect time' for their next nap thanks to the AI powered schedule, in tune with your baby's biological sleep clock from day one.
Daily sleep training Mini-Courses
Equip you with what you need to know, when you need to know it. Enjoyed at your own pace guiding you step-by-step to sleep success!
1 - Click Baby Sleep Tracking
1 - Click
Sleep Tracking
For effortless sleep logging, so you can spend more time enjoying parenthood and less time tracking!
Baby Sleep System for Bedtime Optimization
Prevents overtiredness by offering a bedtime based on your baby's daytime sleep
Baby Sleep System - Sleepy Cue Know-tifications
Sleepy Cue
Mean you never miss a nap, and don't need to be glued to the app. We'll let you know at just the right time.
Parent Power sleep training sessions!
We call this your secret Parent Power. Boost your confidence, prepare your mind with our Parent Power training sessions!

Growing with your baby and their rapidly changing sleep needs. The Smart Sleep Coach by Pampers™ brings you sleep support from 0-24 months, we’re with you for the long haul!

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Why Sleep Matters So Much

Crucial brain development
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Sleep is when memories are stored, and when most of babies' crucial brain development happens
Reduce risk of obesity
obesity icon
Good sleep now can help with behavior and learning, and reduce risk of obesity, later on
Lower risk for postpartum depression
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Moms whose babies sleep well are at lower risk for postpartum depression

Our Mission

We're on a mission to make it easy for every family to sleep better.

We apply state-of-the-art technology to science-based sleep understanding so that we can make quality, credible sleep support accessible to everyone - because every baby and their family deserve better sleep!

FAQsWe’re here to answer
your questions

Is sleep training safe for my baby?

Yes, sleep training is safe and healthy for your baby, it’s scientifically proven. By building a foundation of healthy sleep habits for your baby you’re nurturing their brain and body development, behavior, and learning. You can even reduce the risk of obesity.

The Smart Sleep Coach by Pampers™ app is powered by science, backed by experts and personalized. Our app was developed together with Dr. Canapari, a pediatrician who specializes in caring for children with sleep issues, Kylee Money & Mandy Treeby, both sought-after sleep coaches, and pediatric sleep consultants and Yael Shy, experienced mindfulness coach.

Our custom sleep plans use proven methods that are both safe and effective at improving babies’ sleep.

What is baby sleep coaching?

Sleep coaching is the process of helping your baby fall asleep independently, so they can fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and put themselves back to sleep if they wake up during the night.

Is the Smart Sleep Coach worth it?

You will start to see sleep improvements in a matter of days. Proven methods matched with powerful technology will be able to line up sleep with your baby's natural rhythms, and notifications are there to keep you on track. It's 100% worth it!

How does it compare to other solutions?

We took the best of what's on the market today and put it into a single, app based solution combining proven sleep science, with powerful AI tools to automatically adjust and optimize sleep times to match your babies natural rhythms. That's what makes us breakthrough!

How long does it take for my baby’s sleep to improve?

Many parents who use the Smart Sleep Coach consistently report sleep improvements in as little as 7 days. But of course, every baby is different so it’s hard to give a perfect answer.

When can I start training my baby to sleep with the Smart Sleep Coach?

Healthy sleep habits can begin the day you bring your baby home from the hospital, our scheduling tool is crafted to align with your baby’s natural sleep rhythms and support you as they grow. Sleep is a journey you’ll go on together. Everything from creating a bedtime routine and an ideal sleep environment can set you up for sleep success from the beginning.

By around 4-months old, you can teach your baby how to fall asleep independently. It’s a good idea to check with your pediatrician if your baby is ready before starting this process.

What if my baby goes to daycare?

No problem, you can update the app with their daycare naps when you pick them up and the Smart Sleep Schedule will automatically update for you!

Can I cancel my plan?

Yes, you can cancel at any time, and you will maintain access until the end of your original subscription period or until the end of your free trial.

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