What Is the Smart Sleep Coach by Pampers app – and How Does it Work?

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How does the Smart Sleep Coach work
Mandy Treeby

Written By Mandy Treeby Chief Baby Sleep Consultant

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“Before I started using this product, we were barely sleeping. With a solid routine she's sleeping through the night and we're all happier!” - Amy

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The Smart Sleep Schedule tells you the optimal time to put your baby to sleep, so that they can get the best sleep, day and night.

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Sleep Training, Step-by-Step

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The Smart Sleep Coach App will help you choose a method that fits your needs, and guide you through it, one step at a time.

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It might surprise you to learn that the act of falling asleep is actually a learned skill – it’s something your baby needs the time and space to practice and master. Learn about how the Smart Sleep Coach by Pampers works to solve your baby’s sleep issues.

How Does the Smart Sleep Coach by Pampers Work?

The Smart Sleep Coach by Pampers is an app that holistically addresses baby sleep, and guides you step by step as they learn to become strong independent sleepers.

Getting started with the Smart Sleep Coach involves answering a short assessment to help us understand your baby’s sleep foundation and challenges.

  1. Take a free sleep assessment for a personalized sleep plan.
    The first step in the program is a 6-minute online assessment that asks typical questions about your baby’s age and sleep schedule and what your sleep challenges are.

    It digs deep, trying to understand everything from your baby’s sleep environment to their routine and your consistency at delivering it. Uncovering the deep-rooted habits and behaviors that have shaped your baby’s sleep so far.

  2. Download the app to your smartphone and create a log-in to access your plan.

    Once you’ve decided that you want to enlist the help of the Smart Sleep Coach to help solve your baby’s sleep challenges you need to download the app , currently available on the iOS App Store.

    Both the 3-month and 12-month subscription packages come with a 7-day free trial, meaning you get to try it for free before you buy. After you’ve installed the app, you’ll be asked to register or log in to access your baby’s sleep plan.

  3. Review your baby’s sleep plan
    Your personalized baby sleep plan is based on sleep coaching holistically and divided into two phases:

    Phase 1: Setting your baby up for success – Fine tuning fundamentals
    Have you ever tried going to sleep when you’re not tired? How about sleeping in a bright room or sitting up in a chair? It’s hard right? As adults we have pre-conditioned ourselves to know what we need to help us most easily fall asleep – the same is true for babies.

    That’s why this phase in the sleep coaching process is so important, it makes sure that when it comes to learning to fall asleep independently – your baby has the best chance of success.

    During this phase the app will help you adjust your baby’s sleep schedule to be in tune with their biological rhythms using the Smart Schedule and 1-click sleep tracking, set up a sleep environment that is conducive to sleep and establish bedtime and nap time routines that cue your baby it’s time for sleep, without fully putting them to sleep – using daily mini-courses that take 5-10mins to complete.

    Phase 2: Teaching your baby how to fall asleep independently – Sleep training
    Once you have the fundamentals in place, you will transition to phase 2 where the app will help you select the sleep training approach to help teach your baby the act of falling asleep. This is a learned skill, and your baby needs the space and time to master it.

    Think about learning to ride a bike. You can support your child in many different ways – using a tricycle, training wheels, a balance bike, helping them balance with your grip on the bike. All will result in your child learning to ride a bike, but some approaches take longer, offering more handholding, and others will work faster, with less support. The same goes with sleep training.

    Once you have selected your method, the app will switch into ‘sleep training’ mode and you will follow its guidance every step of the way to help get your baby’s sleep on track.

Why can’t I just jump start sleep training on day one?

When we approach sleep coaching, we must do it holistically: get sleeps in time with biological rhythms, get sleep environment and routines set up, and finally, give them the space and time they need to master falling asleep using a sleep training method. I like to use a soccer analogy: you can put them in the boots, with the socks and shin pads (sleep environment), you can make sure they are well nourished, rested, ready to run and pass the ball (sleep routines & sleep schedule), but you can't play the game and score the goal for them.

By getting into sleep training without the fundamentals, you’re reducing the chances of success. It would be just like showing up to a soccer match without your boots, not having had breakfast and maybe not sleeping well.

What if my baby’s sleep regresses or we experience a sleep set back?

Baby’s sleep isn’t linear and it isn’t one and done. Since habit plays a huge role in sleep, any new habit can through periods of change, and ups and downs. For example, what if you’ve been sharing a room because you had family staying, and now your baby doesn’t want to go back in their own room?

Once your baby has successfully learned how to become an independent sleeper, getting sleep back on track is easy – since you know they can do it. With the support of the Smart Sleep Coach app, you can reiterate their sleep training and fundamentals, and revert to better sleep habits fast.

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If you want to feel more in control of your baby’s sleep, help your baby master the act of falling asleep and instill healthy sleep habits that will last a lifetime, The Smart Sleep Coach by Pampers is the app for you. 

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