An 18-Month-Old’s Sleep Schedule

Updated Sep 1st 2022 | timer 2  min read

An 18-Month-Old’s Sleep Schedule

Written By Mandy Treeby Chief Baby Sleep Consultant

You’ve come a long way, baby. And so has your baby!

By 18-months, your baby has undergone a complete transformation since their earliest days. And that includes their sleeping. Where once there was just disorder, now there’s a steady rhythm. There are still more changes ahead, though, including a potential 18-month sleep regression .

You therefore may have some questions, including, “What is my 18-month-old’s sleep schedule?” or “How long should an 18-month-old nap?”

We’re here to help!

A Sample 18-Month-Old’s Sleep Schedule:

We’ve included these times just as an example. Your baby’s unique. Instead of focusing exclusively on clock time when determining their sleep schedule, focus on wake windows – the amount of time your baby is awake between naps or their last nap and bedtime. – and sleep cues, like yawning.

Learn more about wake windows and sleepy cues by checking out the Smart Sleep Coach by Pampers™. This easy-to-use app guides you step-by-step so you can teach your baby how to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer for optimal development.

Sample Sleep Schedule for 18-Month-Olds with 1 Nap:

“Good morning!” 6:00 AM
Nap 1 11:00-1:00 PM Awake: 5 hrs.

Nap: 2 hrs.

Bedtime Routine 6:00 PM
“Good night!” 6:30 PM Awake: 5.5 hrs.

Q: Can an 18-month-old baby sleep through the night?

Yes. An 18-month-old can sleep through the night with proper sleep coaching.

Q: How Many Total Hours Should an 18-Month-Old Sleep?

An 18-month-old should be getting 13-14 hours of total sleep over a 24-hour period.

Q: How much nighttime sleep for an 18-month-old?

Experts and parents agree 11 hours is an ideal sleep goal for most 18-month-olds.

Q: How much daytime sleep for an 18-month-old?

We recommend 2-3 hours of daytime sleep in one nap.

Q: What is an 18-month-old’s wake window?

Wow! Most 18-month-olds are awake 5-5.5 hours between naps and bedtime.

Q: Is there an 18-month-old regression?

Yes, there’s typically a regression around this time as patterns firm up. And there are some other potential causes:

  • Teething: This can be uncomfortable, which may disrupt sleep.
  • Separation Anxiety: This bout of separation anxiety can be a bit more intense than the first, around 8-9 months.

Back then your baby was simply aware you were gone; now they know you’re gone and doing something else. What is it? Who are you with? Think of this as baby-sized FOMO.

To help relieve separation anxiety, simply reassure your baby they’re missing nothing and that you’ll check on them in a bit.

Blankies, stuffed animals, or other beloved toys can sleep in the crib with your 18-month-old and work wonders at helping ease separation anxiety at this age.

Note that 18-month-olds are more independent than ever and may protest both to show their individuality or be silly and get a reaction. The key to success in those cases is to stay consistent and firm when settling them for bed.

For more on sleep regressions, please read our article on why they happen and how to handle them.