Sleep Schedule for 8 Month Old

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​8 Month-Old Sleep Schedule
Mandy Treeby

Written By Mandy Treeby Chief Baby Sleep Consultant

By 8 months your baby’s sleep rhythms have taken shape, but you probably still have a lot of questions. For example, “How much should my 8-month-old sleep at night?” We’re here to help with that, and more.


Sample Sleep Schedule for an 8-Month-Old Baby:

Every baby’s unique, including your own. Focus less on the specific clock times and more on wake windows – the amount of time your baby is awake between naps or their last nap and bedtime.

Wake windows are a fundamental driver of sleep. Learn more about how they work by checking out the Smart Sleep Coach by Pampers™. It guides you step-by-step so you can teach your baby how to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Note: Your baby will transition from 3-2 naps around now. This can lead to a schedule shift and some fussiness, especially in the afternoon. For more on nap transitions, read our article on how and why to nap transition.

Sample Sleep Schedule for 8-Month-Olds with 2 Naps:

“Good morning!”

7:00 AM

Nap 1

9:45-11:15 AM

Awake: 2 hrs. 45 min.

Nap: 1 hr. 30 mins.

Nap 2

2:30-4:00 PM

Awake: 3 hrs. 15 min.

Nap: 1.5 hr.

Bedtime Routine



7/7:30 PM

Awake: 3 hrs. 30 mins.

Sample Sleep Schedule for 8-Month-Olds with 3 Naps:

“Good morning!”

7:00 AM

Nap 1

9:15-10:30 AM

Awake: 2 hrs. 15 mins.

Nap: 1 hr. 15 mins.

Nap 2

1:00-2:15 PM

Awake: 2 hrs. 30 mins.

Nap: 1 hr. 15 mins.

Nap 3


Awake: 2 hrs. 30 mins.

Nap: 30 mins

Bedtime Routine


“Good night”

7:30 PM

Awake: 2 hrs. 45 mins.

How Much Should an 8-Month-Old Sleep?

Typically, 8-month-olds sleep about 14-hours in a 24-hour period.

How Much Should an 8-Month-Old Sleep During the Day?

About 2-3 hours over 2-3 naps. Some babies may take a shorter 3rd nap in the afternoon. If yours does, keep it below 45 minutes and consider nap transitioning.

Learn more on nap transitions here .

How Long is an 8-month-old’s Wake window?

Most 8-month-olds are awake for 2.25-3 hours between daytime sleeps or their final nap and bedtime.

How Much Should an 8-Month-Old Sleep at Night?

About 11-12 hours at night with occasional night feedings, depending on your baby.

Is there an 8-Month-Old Sleep Regression?

There is typically a regression in this period, though for some babies it’s closer to 7 months, others it’s closer to 9. Regardless of specific timing, this regression can be caused by a few factors:

  • New skills: 8-month-olds are learning to pull themselves up and move around more – this is exciting and can keep them from sleeping consistently.
  • Teething: Sometimes teething can be a bit uncomfortable – another potential sleep regression cause.
  • Separation anxiety: Babies this age are also understanding object permanence. This means they understand that if you leave, you’re somewhere else. Where? With who!? These questions can cause a bit of totally normal sleep regressions .
  • Overtired: Yes, being overtired can make it harder for babies to sleep. One reason a baby may be overtired is they’ve dropped their third nap.If your baby has transitioned from 3 naps to 2, move bedtime up about 30 minutes for a few days until your baby adjusts.
  • For more help on sleep coaching, download the Smart Sleep Coach by Pampers™ . It’s an easy-to-use app that creates a personalized sleep plan for your baby so you can both rest easier! 
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